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Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, has been found to be more predictive of success in the business world than IQ. An IQ appears to act as a "gateway to entry." If you don't have a minimum IQ, you can't enter a particular field. You need a minimum IQ to become a lawyer or a nurse, but once you are in, the EQ will distinguish star performers.

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SQ 21 Assessment


Spiritual Intelligence, or SQ, is defined as, "The ability to act with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity), regardless of the circumstances." Spiritual intelligence is an innate human intelligence, but like any intelligence, it must be developed. This means that we can describe it and measure it by looking at the skills that comprise Spiritual Intelligence. It reflects an increasingly stable connection to, "something bigger than us," that is translating into the world of behaviors, habits, and attitudes.


The CPI Spiritual Intelligence Assessment measures 21 skills that we believe combine to create the ability to be wise and compassionate in our behaviors while maintaining inner and outer peace, even under high stress. Email to purchase a computerized evaluation and analysis report email.

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